From August 24

​Two nights + check in between Sunday and Thursday



Alpen Fest

01/09/2019, 11:13


Livigno celebrates its ancient origin with the great parade of animals through the streets of the center.

Bike Pass Free

01/09/2019, 11:13


Enjoy the BikePass Free, book a minimum 3 nights stay and the BikePass will be included

cross country skiing

01/09/2019, 11:12


Thanks to Snowfarm, the opening is scheduled for 19 October 2019


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Wellness for

​soul and body

Mensa sana in corpore sano! That's our motto. We pay attention  at  the well-being of our guests. That's the reason why we have created a wellness world. Here you can relax and leaving the roution behind you.

Enter in our wellness area and try our saunas, a waterfall of ice, emotional showers with chromoteraphy and a vitality snack bar with water, herbal teas and dried fruit. 


the Fine Herbs Sauna

Enjoy the beneficial warmth of our aromatherapy sauna and experience the power of the Alps!

Even the Romans thousands of years ago treasured the relaxing effects of steaming warmth. The high temperatures of 40 and 60° C combined with the humidity strengthen the immune system. The muscles are loosened and the airway is cleared through the herbal aromas. Every last worry or concern will simply disappear. 

Hotel Alp Wellness Mota

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the Finnish Sauna

In the Finnish sauna, the temperature can vary from 70° to 95°, which is more suitable for those who are able to withstand the high temperatures. The Finnish sauna is excellent for a deep cleansing of the skin, also has a beneficial effect on the immune system, as it increases the immune system relieving tension and daily stress, and stimulates the cardiovascular system.

the Ice waterfall

the Emotional Showers

An evocative play of lights, water, colors, and aromas that fascinates and surprises.The showers to exert a beneficial effect on the sensory apparatus through alternating lights and colours (color therapy), combined the spices fragrant.

The ice, combined with treatments of intense heat such as the sauna and the Turkish bath, has an unique power, restorative and invigorating. The hot-cold contrast is the basis of philosophy, a nordic sauna, according to which, at the exit of the sauna, we will throw you into the snow.


 the Steam Bath

Pure relaxation in our wonderful steam bath. Enjoy a wellness experience based on the old traditions of the Orient.

​The pleasant temperatures and the high levels of humidity ensure a feeling of deep wellbeing and bring body and soul into harmony with each other.

The humidity level is 100%, the floor temperature approx. 20 to 25° C, the wall temperatures around 40 to 50° C.

In comparison to a classic sauna, the level of perspiration is not so intense but a session in the steam room is normally much longer meaning a higher sweat loss.

Due to its beneficial effect on the skin the steam bath is often referred to as a "beauty bath". The skin is intensively cleansed and afterwards is a soft as silk.

The airways are opened and the circulation is boosted.

Thanks to the steam bath's pleasant fragrance and the colour play a session is a unique experience.

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